Tuesday, September 30, 2008

ten on tuesday: ten things that freak me out/scare me

Ten things that Freak me Out

1. BLOOD (click on the link and check out the cool youtube video)
I am NOT a fan of blood. I don't even like the "V" word (the thing like an artery that carries blood). It makes me queasy just to hear the word. For some reason getting a needle is not so traumatising, but having something stuck in me to REMOVE my blood is just wrong. A vampire or a heroine addict I would never be. Watching ER, (even though it is my FAVE show) and Intervention can make me ill. It even makes my palm sweat to have someone touch me in the crook of my arm where one draws blood from. I had a friend once videotape a surgery and then want to watch it with a group of friends. That is twisted.

2. Swimming in a lake where there are grabby things that touch your legs. I have no problem swimming in the ocean, but lakes with stringy ankle grabbing stuff freak me out.

3. Proposition 8. Proposition 8 is titled "Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry". It is an initiative measure on the 2008 California General Election ballot. If passed, the proposition would amend the California Constitution to remove the legal ability of same-sex couples to marry. A new section would be added stating "only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California."
What ACTUALLY freaks me out is the fact that many of my extended family members are in support of this proposition. It just freaks me out that in this day and age, there is still such opposition to people being equal. I can rationalize when it is strangers - they don't know me, they know nothing of my life and although it annoys me, it is not nearly as scary as FAMILY advocating legal action against gays and lesbians.
4. Scary Movies. I am not a fan of scary movies and I have known to find myself scared of cartoons. Monster House creeped the bejeebers out of me and as much as I love Scooby Doo, even Scooby has been a little too intense at times. I have the Scooby Doo PS2 game, even the game was a pushing it for me in terms of scariness.
5. Checkouts. I am freaked out by paying for things at the checkout. It seems to happen to me OFTEN that I am at the checkout ALONE and my debit card for some reason does not work. It never happens when my spouse is there with her cards to bail me out, but only when I am alone and have no backup. I know (logically) that if in case my card doesnt work, I can leave my stuff and walk out and return when I have gone to a debit machine or straightened something out, but it freaks me out still. Yesterday we were in Walmart and my spouse offered to take the kids to the van and wait for me while I paid. While it was easier to unload the cart without "help", I could have an anxiety attack waiting for the debit machine to show "approved".
6. Haunted Houses. These are not such a big deal where we are living right now as they were when we lived in the USA. Especially at Halloween, haunted houses cropped up EVERYWHERE where you could go in and pay to have people scare you. The concept eludes me. PAY someone to scare the shiznet out of you. Knowing they are there, and knowing they are paid (minimum wage) to jump out at you is freaky. Knowing it is fake doesn't make it less scary to me. I have better things to waste my money on thanks.
7. Corn. I like corn, don't get me wrong. Nothing makes me happier than to buy fresh corn in the fall. What freaks me out about corn, as the mother of a two year old who also loves it, is that no matter how many times you CHEW a kernel of corn, it comes out "whole". You know what i mean. It's freaky. You can chew that corn until it is completely unrecogniseable and you will still poop a kernel. It's like there is some little stomach gnome, that takes corn pieces in your belly and reconstructs them. Seriously, for little babies you can buy creamed corn babyfood in jars. you feed that to them and corn kernels are pooped out. No word of a lie.
8. Mormon Missionaries. I am a former Mormon. I have moved countries and moved homes NUMEROUS times since the Mormon church notified me that my "lifestyle" was inappropriate and I was not welcome to participate in church any longer. Since that time the missionaries continue to find me in hopes that I will abandon my sinful ways and rejoin the flock. How do they find me? It's freaky how those twosomes get around and find people that no-one else in the world can find. I think the US government should have hired missionaries to find Osama Bin Laden. I swear those kids would have him by now if they had gone door to door in Afganistan.
9. People that I care about dying before me.
10. Driving at night when I can't see and I know there are animals in the road.

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