Monday, September 15, 2008

12 of 12

A while ago I came across this blog - (12 of 12). I loved the idea of taking 12 photographs on the 12th of each month and I couldn't wait to join in.
Unfortunately this month I had camera issues on the 12th, even though I was almost panicked to get them taken and get my name linked with others who were particpating. Since I missed the day I have decided that I will post 12 photos even though I won't link to the blog. since I didn't do it officially. Now I am on the countdown to next month. Here are my pictures:
I started out the weekend at school. Here is the view from the parking lot.

I have to stop on the way out of town at Tim hortons. This is what LOT of vehicles look like as they leave town. People drive long distances to shop here and do as much as they can. Even with the price of gas being what it is, it is still cheaper to shop here.

Iced Cappucino. YUM

Next stop Pizza Hut. We have no decent pizza in town and so every time we go we have to stop and pick up pizza to bring home. We will go so far as to ask people to pick us up Pizza when they are in town. Yea, we are that desperate for it. SOME PEOPLE (cough, K-LO, cough) "forget" to stop on the way out of town. I'm not bitter.

I was testing out the camera as I drove. It takes a decent steady shot. I figured if I can text while I drive I can take pictures while I drive.

The top of the hill. This is where cell reception dies. This is also where the road is falling away into he ravine inspite of being repaired repeatedly. I hope this is not where I die one day, driving as the road gives way.

Another view from the top

They are doing contruction on the bridge (Still) and as you wait in line to get across they have this sign posted. Unfortunately there is no cell phone reception where you wait to get across so I hope there is never an emergency as you would have to turn around and go back to the top of the hill in order to make the call. Hopefully the people on the other end of this line aren't working on the bridge when someone tries to call. That would be a pretty messy emergency.

The bridge

The bridge again

I have to admit I did not take these last two pictures. They were taken by my spousal unit after I got home. Both were taken from our yard.

I wonder if he has a better view of mice from the top of my truck.

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