Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sick family

This past two weeks have been something like I imagine hell would be. Everyone in the family has been sick. I am not good at being sick. In addition to feeling like I was hit by a mac truck, being sick makes me feel sorry for myself.
Having sick babies is no fun at all. Sick babies can't eat, they can't sleep, they are generally grumpy. This is not fun to deal with at the best of times, but when you feel sick yourself it is downright hell. The only thing I have wanted to do was crawl into bed and sleep. Yeah right, that's a pipe dream.

This is the implement that we have for sucking snot from baby noses. This implement is not good at sucking snot, nor do babies like it shoved up their noses. If you happen to be lucky enough to extract something from the baby nose, then you have to clean this "bulb" out. Gag-o-rama.
Needless to say I have missed work and I have fallen behind in just about everything in life, including blogging. My apologies to my three readers.
You are all just lucky you can't catch my virus by reading this post. I promise you don't want it.

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