Tuesday, September 2, 2008

23 months old

Hey Buddy,
I am a bit late this month writing my letter to you. I can't believe this month you are two years old already! Every day that you get older more and more of your personality comes shining though. You are developing a wonderful sense of humor and you LOVE to tease us. I don't think a day goes by when you don't laugh. You are such a joy. This month you met Aunty Jill and fell in love with her instantly. I know it's a hard thing to NOT fall in love with Jill. It's moments like these when I wish we lived closer to family so these bonds could grow. You will be almost 4 before you see her again, I hope you will remember her.

For some reason this month you figured out that if you say "hi" to people they will respond to you. You greet me in the morning when I come up before going to work, and in the grocery store this week you greeted everyone we passed. I was surprised because usually you are so shy around people, but apparently sitting in a grocery cart makes you invincible and it is safe to greet others.

You have now been living in a house with a baby for six weeks and you are doing remarkably well. In many ways I like the person you have become since the little man joined us. Prior to his arrival you were so independent, you hated us trying to help you with anything, but now that you have to compete for our attention you are a lot more accommodating. All of a sudden you want to sit in our laps and be held, which makes me happy, but it also reminds me just how TALL you are. It seems crazy that just two years ago I was packing you around in one arm. Now you are running around behind your mom galloping like a horse (which she taught you this month) while she calls out " I am a FFRRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIITOOOOOOOOOO BANDITOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" She's hard not to love.

At supper time we are trying to sit down and eat together which is not as easy as it sounds. Because you have so many different food allergies we try to make the food you eat LOOK like the food we eat. Unfortunately for me, you want to feed me from your plate and eat from mine. While under normal circumstances this does not bother me, when we make mini pizza's I really prefer not to eat goat cheese on top of gluten free crust. Your mom insists that I not show you by my facial expressions that the things you put in my mouth taste gross to me. I should get an academy award for acting.

I have been working at my job for five years now. I love it, but I have started watching the clock when it is tome to go home because I know you are waiting for me. I hate spending any more time away from you than I have to.

You are no fonder of wearing pants than you ever have been. The weather has turned a little chillier but it doesn't seem to stop you. I imagine that once you step outside after it has snowed that you might change your mind, but who knows. Probably not!

When we brought you home from the hospital 23 months ago we were under strict instructions not to overstimulate you. You had such a hard entry into this world that any stimulation at all would cause you physical pain. It is pretty typical for kids who have had similar beginnings to go through life with problems of overstimulation. We had to dim lights, talk quietly (a hard one for me), and taking you somewhere like the grocery store was advised against. No-one would ever know that if they met you today. You are SO aware of everything that is happening around you. While you still aren't really interested in the television (something I hope you outgrow for my sake), you are interested in everything that is going on around you and you soak it all up like a sponge.

Well Bud. I am on my way to see you right now. I can't wait.

Love you bud.

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