Friday, May 13, 2011

The things people say....

Yesterday I was in line at the grocery store on my way home from work. A lady I know "vaguely" was in line behind me. We were in a play together about 5 years ago but I have forgotten the name of the play - and the name of the lady.

ANYWAY. We smiled and said hi to one another and then she said to me "HEY! I am in charge of a fashion show this summer (for the summer games we are hosting in town) and I was wondering if you wanted to be a model?" I kind of looked at her for a minute - and in the moment of silence she added "Not all the models have to be young and beautiful!"

My response to her was "Are you saying I am neither young nor beautiful?"

She pretended not to have heard me, but the checker laughed so hard she almost wet her pants.

It was an awkward moment, but instead of being upset by it I was actually amused. I laughed.

It ranks right up there with the two other best comments that have been made to me (and I am excluding all the times I have been called "sir" in this tally).

In Singapore a taxi driver asked me how old I was and I answered, to which he responded "That's awfully young to be so fat!"

And, best of all, when I was getting my photo taken at the drugstore for my passport the lady taking the photo said to me " I can't fit your face in the permissible dimensions permitted for passports because of all your chins!"

Apparently she missed the day they taught the concept of "zoom" to their photographers.

Oh, People say some funny things.


Teena in Toronto said...

Ya gotta wonder what people are thinking when they open their mouths!

Mickey Blumental said...

Stupidity is a bother, but also a steady supplier of hilarious anecdotes.

I'm glad you're looking at life with the right attitude and sharing these funny gems with us!