Sunday, May 15, 2011

Slave Lake Fire

slave lake, fire, evacuation

This photo comes from the website.

My thoughts tonight are with those who have evacuated their homes and those who have lost their homes in fires in Northern Alberta tonight.

My boys are asleep in their beds. My dogs are asleep on my bed.
We are all safe, we are all under one roof.

I cannot express the gratitude I feel for this blessing tonight and I pray for those who don't have the luxuries I do.


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie, I just found your post about the fire in Slave Lake and I wanted to thank you for it. We lived in SL during the 2001 fire and were on minutes evacuation notice. It is a sobering feeling to pack up your car and look around the house as you stand at the front door waiting for the fire department to ring the alarm. We just spoke with our daughter and her boyfriend in Edmonton who are unable to reach his parents in SL. The worry is growing for everyone. We live on Vancouver Is. and it seems like it's earthquake or Tsunami for us.... Not a good feeling to be 'cut-off'. Thanks for your thoughts... and yes, home in our own beds; we should all be thankful. Catherine

Anonymous said...

that is so scary...