Thursday, May 19, 2011

I thought the day was over.

Every now and then I work a really long day. I am in charge of supervising a student function one day a week that requires me to remain at work until after midnight. Unfortunately this supervision does not mean I can neglect other duties - for instance I am on a committee right now that is under a time crunch to do a lot of work in the next few months. Committee members have committed two full days of working almost every two weeks until the project is complete. Today was one of the days where I needed to be in a meeting from 9 am but still had to supervise a student function until 1am.


I left the house this morning ( I guess yesterday already) with Max at 7:45 am. I pulled into the driveway tonight at 1 am.

I don't carry any kind of a purse so I loaded up my arms with everything I needed to bring into the house, and decided I DO need to start carrying a purse - camera, camera charger, phone, phone charger, laptop, laptop charger, wallet, work keys, car keys, e-reader - in arm load number one. I let the dogs out and kept the cats in, put the stuff onto the table, took some advil for my headache and let the dogs back in - and kept the cats in. I tiptoed upstairs so I wouldn't wake anyone - this time my arms were full with only phone and phone charger, laptop and laptop charger, drink and e-reader!

As I got to the top of the stairs I could hear the tv on in our bedroom. I chuckled to myself. I thought Shel had fallen asleep with the Disney channel on - I could hear "Little Einsteins" on the tv.

I had to just segue here for a moment and say that in the instant that I heard and identified Little Einsteins on the television I had an instant but comprehensive conversation with myself in my head - wondering when it was that I became able to identify the voices from a child's cartoon without a second thought - and did I ever think in my lifetime I would have such a skill? "I'll take animated children's television show voices for 200 please Alex....." " What is Backyardigans?"

ANYWAY.... As I walked into my room I realized that my spouse had not in fact, fallen asleep listening to  The Little Einsteins playing Rachmaninoff, instead MY SON WAS AWAKE and in my bed watching television!

And I thought my day was over......