Saturday, May 14, 2011

The signs people put up...

On site where I work lives a maintenance person. One of the disadvantages to living on site is that he occasionally gets bothered by people after hours asking him for things unnecessarily.
(We used to live on campus and one of the reasons we were so happy to get into our own place was that there is VERY little privacy and people come at all hours of the day and night with ridiculous requests) The other night for my maintenance man it just got to be a "bit much" with people coming to his suite and asking for things after 10:30 pm.
He came and spoke to me about his concerns. I said I would speak to the offending parties but also suggested  that he put up a sign on the door saying it was a private residence and please do not disturb.
Well the sign went up.
I went and looked at.
This is what the sign says in part:
"Private Residence. If you want to find out about your problems go to the office."

Oh I laughed.
I don't particularly want people coming to the office to find out about their problems!
Hopefully he won't be bothered anymore.


Teena in Toronto said...

Ha! Can I go to the office to tell him my problems?

Ranavan said...

I know what my problems are!! What I need to know is if I come to the office can the Maintenance man fix them????