Thursday, May 12, 2011

12 of 12

On the 12th of the month I try to participate in 12 of 12 -  the idea comes from Chad Darnell and you can link to his site HERE to see other participants from around the world.

Here are my photos from today:

1. 8am:
Leaving for work, this is a photo of the boys sandpile in the yard. This was the best investment we have made for the boys, they spend HOURS each day here.

 2. 8am
This old wagon was in the yard when we purchased the property. We like it and have kept it, there are now some baby trees growing in the shelter it has provided.

 3. 11am
This is the centerpiece of the table at the staff appreciation luncheon I attended today. The centerpieces were given away as door prizes and I WON!

 4. 12pm
I took some photos of my co-workers, but they are not all happy to be captured on film. Since I don't have any of their permission to post photos, I chose this one.
The person in this picture predicted that she would win awards for (in her words) "best looking employee, friendliest employee, skinniest employee, youngest employee" and others. She is checking out the program to see the list of awards and alas, none of them are on the program.

 5. 5:30 pm HOME TIME!

 6. 5:30 pm The trees outside of the office are finally coming into leaf.

My mom and my niece - who live far away.

 8. 6 pm
The first green showing in our garden at home.

9. 6:15 pm
After I unloaded everything from the vehicle I tried to get some pictures of the rain that was falling byt none of the photos turned out. The BBQ was the only evidence I could capture that there was water falling from the sky...
10. 7pm.
When I arrived in the bedroom - this is what I found. My boy and the dog - IN MY SPOT IN THE BED!

 11. 9pm.
My brother called me to tell me there was an update for Angry Birds Rio. I tried and tried to find it but was unsuccessful. I REALLY don't want to uninstall and reinstall the whole thing to try and get the updates because I have already accidentally made that mistake before and had to start over completely. BUMMER trails. I will keep looking.
12. For my 12th photo today I have cheated a little. This was not taken on the 12th, but I love the shot so I am using it.
Firstly - this is a self portrait of my oldest boy. He LOVES the camera and he takes pictures all the time. He is good at it and so we encourage him to so it.
Secondly - this is a picture of him making "grumpy eyes". We practise a lot how to read facial expressions because it is something both boys struggle with. We make grumpy eyes and happy eyes and we have made being grumpy into something that is "acceptable", but also something that passes quickly because we turn it into a lesson about facial features and we can quickly transition into "happy". Max was trying to get a photo of his brother making grumpy eyes, but apparently settled for a self portrait. I didn't know he had taken this photo until I downloaded the pictures.
It made me smile.
I love our boys.


Dan Schwent said...

That old wagon is pretty cool.

Teena in Toronto said...

The grumpy eyes are too cute!