Monday, August 31, 2009

I can still turn a room dead silent

On Saturday we took Max for a haircut. I happen to really like his hair when it gets a little longer, but he i s having ear surgery on the 10th and we want as few obstacles as possible following the surgery and we decided to get his hair shaved.
We have taken him to the same barber since the very first haircut he received and went back again this time. I don't know WHY we keep going to this guy...anyway.
I hold Max's head while he is getting his hair cut and usually I am alone with him. This time I was there with the spouse and C-note (who I also think should have had a haircut since he is sporting a baby mullet but the spouse vetoed me). While we were there a family with three kids came in and sat down by us as we waited and we started talking to the mother. We had a little bonding moment over kids with problem ears and she shared some of her experiences with two kids needing surgery and some of the things she did, how they reacted, and so on. We all had a lovely conversation. Then it was Max's turn to get his haircut. So I am holding his head, my spouse is taking pictures (shocker, I know!) and the other kids and mom are still talking to us, saying how good Max is doing, and so on.
And then the bomb dropped. The barber asked which one of us was Max's mother. I say without ANY hesitation at all that he belongs to both of us... and the room went DEAD silent.
Did you know it is possible for a barber razor to make absolutely no noise? Cause I swear even the razor was shocked, and that lovely little bond we had made with the lady and her kids. If she could have shuttled them out and away from us she would have, but instead they all averted their eyes and sat in silence while crickets chirped until Maxies hair was done and we removed our sinful selves from that holy barber shop.
I love it that I can still turn a whole room dead silent (the crickets don't seem to care we are lesbos!)


Cami said...

I just wish there was a LITTLE MORE tolerance and LESS judgment in the world!! I may share different opinions, believes, values, religion, political views, etc., but that doesn't mean I can't be FRIENDLY!!! It irritates me to no end that people act that way! Now, maybe if she/he was a serial killer or pedophile..... I would act different. Only to protect myself or my boys.

I am so sorry you and S. had to go through that. They missed the mark. They missed a great opportunity to open their minds and get to know some wonderful people. That's my opinion and I'm sure there are many that agree! (and disagree, that's their right)

Hope the surgery goes well! You all will be in my prayers! Hang in there!

Teena in Toronto said...

Some people can't handle it.

That's too bad :(

Woo222 said...

That sucks. I don't look forward to that at all when the beloved and I have kids. I don't know why people think it is any of their business anyway. If I were you, I'd find a new barber, but that's just my opinion. It doesn't mean the same question won't be asked somewhere else, but I don't think it would kill the guy to treat you like human beings. Keep us posted on Max's surgery. ~Susan