Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the purpose of a book

For the last few weeks I have been VERY bad at not working on my thesis (which I KNOW I should do because I could potentially get LOADS done in the summer months). Having said that, I am thoroughly enjoying the time I am taking to read NOVELS. This last weekend I read three books and it felt GREAT. I can't wait for school to be finished for me so I can go back to reading without guilt.
When I read a book one of the purposes it serves for me is to take my mind out of my reality and immerse me in a completely different reality. Unfortunately sometimes the book just doesn't have enough to captivate my attention - or my reality is too overpowering!
This is especially disappointing to me when I need it the most. For some reason it has happened to me this week. I finished a book on Sunday night and tried to start a new one last night. No matter how much I tried to read I just could not escape thoughts of my daily life and it was a real pain. No matter how much I tried I could not transition from the stress of my day and as a result I was up really late - thinking about work.
I HATE it when that happens!
I obviously need something more captivating to read. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Teena in Toronto said...

I love reading ... nothing beats a great book!