Friday, August 21, 2009

Farewell to summer

In exactly 3 minutes from now my summer at work is officially over. At the end of work today the fall has begun and I will be BACK to working weekends to check students in - beginning this Sunday.
I am so sad, I need a moment of silence for myself.

(moment of silence)

I think to celebrate the passing of the summer I will get a tattoo tomorrow. When I was driving to work today I saw a guy in his camper set up in the vacant lot next to the video store to do tattoo's. It seems a little suspect doesn't it? A tattoo from a gypsy? I LOVE it!

I stopped by the camper at lunch and took a look at his book of pictures and got his card. He actually has a LEGIT store in another town and is just out checking out the town and seeing if he can drum up some business. My spouse and I have wanted matching tatt's for a while, so if I can convince her to come down with me tomorrow then we will get tattooed in town. I am excited.

I think if I start out the year getting a new tattoo then maybe I will set a tone for the rest of my school year :) Now to convince the spouse.....

1 comment:

Teena in Toronto said...

Summer sure has zipped by, hasn't it?

Can't wait to see your new ink!