Tuesday, August 4, 2009

letter to Max: 34 months

Hey there my number one man.
Wow it has been TOOO long since I have taken a moment to sit down and write to you. I cannot believe that in just over a month you will be three years old already. It feels like yesterday that I saw you for the first time in the hospital crib all alone and waiting for us to come and give you all our love.
You are growing so tall, you are like a weed and I can't get over how beautiful you are. Your personality grows more and more every day, you are growing into such a wonderful young boy. You mom and I were talking the other day about all of the obstacles you have overcome in your short life. You are such a miracle to us.
For as much as your mom has the camera in her hand and takes pictures of our daily life she missed getting a remarkable photo of you the other day when we were playing with the water hose. You had the water turned on but I was kinking the hose so nothing came out. I was trying to get you to look into the hose so I could squirt you but you caught on way too quickly and you gave me a look and pointed at me and smiled and my heart took a picture of that moment that will stay with me forever. You have such a glint in your eye and you are such a tease, I should not be surprised that you figured out I was playing with you in that moment.

I laugh at your mom, she is still so fiercely protective of you. The other day at the daycare someone said that you were "grunting" and your mom almost hit the roof! Since we discovered that you have so many hearing problems we have been working on you with your sign language and you learn faster than we do! You have absolutely NO problem communicating with us and it was offensive to have someone say that you "grunted" when so clearly you are saying something!

I know we have a long way to go and lots to look forward to with surgeries and other things which we hope will help your hearing, but in the meantime we are making our way in the world teaching you to sign and learning the signs you have made up to interpret the world around you. You are so smart it is evident to us everyday as you make your way through this world.
I just got off the phone with your mom, you are working hard as always. You have had lots of fun watching the big machinery all around the property as they clean things up and move things around. The other evening you and I sat together on the porch for close to an hour watching the CAT move the big grain bins across the yard. The driver offered to take you for a ride but you wanted no part of it! You are still a little shy around others, but it's ok with me, you can hang out with me forever if you want!

Recently you have been incredibly helpful with your little brother. You teach him things and help him get around. We have to work a little on the "sharing" part, but you are just trying to keep him safe and it is evident! He adores you and watching the two of you interact makes us smile.

Well my buddy, I need to go so I can stop at the store and pick some stuff up for you.
I love you SOOOO much.

Rest your head close to my heart, never to part, baby of mine.

love mom.