Monday, August 10, 2009

hotel reservations

I called ahead to get a hotel reservation in a hotel which was recommended to us because of it's proximity to the children's hospital and because the suites had kitchens - which we absolutely NEED with a child with special health needs. When I called and made the booking I reserved a room on the 21st floor thinking that it would be TOTALLY cool for the family to stay so high up and see the city from there. When I got home and told the spousal unit what I had done she promptly informed me that she would NEVER stay in a room higher than the 5th floor (that's how high the fire truck ladders can go, if you didn't know) and so I called back, gave my reservation number and changed our reservation to the fifth floor. (When I called and gave my last name the lady said "Is this ....?" and gave my mothers name. It was totally bizarre, my mom lives in a completely different country and to my knowledge has never stayed in one of these hotels. I told her that no, it wasn't and I gave my name and reservation number and she found my reservation without a problem.)

After our VERY long car trip, we arrived and went to check in, and surprise! There was no reservation for us, not under my name and not under my reservation number. (now that I think of it I should have asked if my mom had a reservation!)They were able to fit us in "anyway" and we were able to get a room on the fifth floor. So we checked in. We were also able to get two playpens from the hotel so we could put the boys to bed, and we brought everything up from the van. (I don't know how we forgot our own playpens, but we did!)
Well the boys did NOT go to bed, they were up till all kinds of crazy hours in the night and then up again at the butt crack of dawn. They played peek a boo with one another between playpens. They think they are hilarious.
I did manage to get a photo out of the door of the room. We have a balcony but we are NOT permitted onto it! We managed to get some things done today which I will blog about tomorrow.
Having internet in the evenings is AWESOME!!!!

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Teena in Toronto said...

For me, the higher, the better.