Sunday, September 20, 2015

September Snapshot

Current mood
: melancholy over Maxies birthday, but excited for the rest of this month to pass. I am HOPEFULLY getting a tattoo in October at the convention in Calgary and October is my birthday month! YAHOO!
Current movie: I haven't watched a movie this month, but maybe I should get onto Netflix and watch something.
Current TV Show: Ditto for television. DOH. I used to be such a television addict! What am I doing with my time?!
Current book: I'm reading two books currently, enjoying one and not the other.
Current song: Try by Colbie Callait
Current album: Listening to radio from Calgary more than I am listening to any album really. But Max took my earphones from my office so now I can't even listen to music at work. Sometimes that kid........
Current food: I made wontons for wonton soup but I don't think I like wonton soup so I may end up giving them away
Current drink: I have almost totally eliminated pop from my diet so no Dr. Pepper for me! Pour me another coffee though.
Current color: green
Current Beauty Product: I don't know if it is a beauty product, but I have been using spiced vanilla cream on my elbows from the body shop. My elbows should be beautiful. 

Current celebrity crush: Laura Prepon. Can't get enough of her.

Current Project: Masters degree project. I dont think this thing is ever going to end.
Current need: I drastically need to alter the energy in my life.
Current guilty pleasure(s): Hmn. Smoking makes me feel both guilt and pleasure, so I'll go with smoking.
Current annoyance: the things in my home that keep breaking. ARGGGGGG.
Current excitement: looking forward to September 29 when I will both see a friend I am missing AND get my haircut from Amy.
Current triumph: Oh - I don't think I am feeling triumphant over anything at this moment in time.
Current anticipation: Moving into the new trailer once the electricity gets hooked up.
Photo I took this month:

Photo of me this month:


Michelle said...

Love all of these tidbits! Always love a pic of Ms. Prepon. I also love your pottery creation in the previous post. Awesome! I wish I knew how to make one like that, all metallic looking.

Teena in Toronto said...

Great pix :)