Thursday, September 17, 2015

Gratitude week 9: things I like about summer

When I started this challenge I was supposed to write something I was grateful for every week for the entire year. Well I made it to 8 weeks and then fell off the bandwagon, so I am now jumping back into it but I have 30 weeks to catch up on!
Week Nine:
I think there is nothing that I DON’T like about the summer. We have LONG days and they are warm and beautiful. The kids are not in school which I love. I like mowing the lawn. I like trips to the river. I like visiting my mom or having her come here to visit. I like making fires in the evening and sitting around them with my family. I have always had a difficult time deciding which season is my favorite because I like spring, summer AND fall . Having said that I dislike the mud of spring, and I am always sad in the fall at the frosty mornings – I feel like summer passes too quickly, so maybe summer is my favorite season after all. I love summer and I am grateful for it.

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