Friday, September 18, 2015

Gratitude Week 10: Something I use every day

Today I am grateful for my Blender. I  started exercising ( in June ) and try to do it daily. I have always been terrible at eating - I don't eat breakfast and most days forget to pack a lunch for work so I will usually go all day without eating and then when I get home in the evening I am STARVING and don't stop eating all evening. I decided to start drinking a shake as a meal supplement at work so I got a blender which I keep at work and I make sure I have a shake every day while I am working. I am SUPER happy I have it and I use it daily. (I am struggling presently with working out daily - I was doing REALLY well for two months and then in August was away lots and in September have been away a fair bit. Getting into the habit of working out every day again is a struggle).

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