Friday, September 25, 2015

It was almost funny but TELUS SUCKS

I have insurance on my cell phones because, well, I have five children and my experience has been that they will find my phone and drop it into the toilet, or the tub, or the glass of chocolate milk next to the bed. Wait. That last one was what Shelly did with her own phone LAST time.
ANYWAY. The point is that I have insurance on the phones. So when Shelly's phone was dumped into the water I knew that I was covered. I thought I knew. I was apparently incorrect.
Telus, the company whom I have my service through, has outsourced the phone insurance to another company, so they cannot assist me.
I called the other company. They said my claim was denied but that it was "just standard" for the claim to be denied and to call back in 48 hours. I called back in 48 hours. I was told that Telus was reporting the phone as inactive, which they were - because I called and told them that the phone was not able to be used and they said they would change the status to inactive. They said I needed to call Telus and tell Telus to call them and explain why the phone was inactive. Seriously?
The call was a HUGE frustration and at the end of the call they said I would have the opportunity to participate in a one minute customer satisfaction survey. I waited for the survey. The first question was "How satisfied was I with the service I received?" and I was to push number 4 on my touch tone phone if I was dissatisfied. I was. I pushed the number four, AND I WAS DISCONNECTED!
That's an awesome survey. If you are dissatisfied you don't get to participate.
It has been a week and I still have no resolution. Telus and the company they outsource to BOTH suck. ( Yup, I said "Suck" and I know my mom hates that word. I feel strongly.)

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