Sunday, September 27, 2015

habit forming

I read yesterday that if you write three things you are grateful for consecutively for 21 days it changes your thought patterns. I had a gratitude journal where I used to write three things down daily but I have lost the journal which is hugely frustrating. I really try to be a grateful person, it is important to me. I don't feel as though my thought patterns are or have changed. That is another frustration for me. I feel like I constantly battle negative thoughts - not about the world around me, but about myself -  and I'm pretty ready to be over it!
I know that 21 days is the "threshold" used frequently when describing the formation or the breaking of habits. So far my experience is that this is not necessarily true. It take long term dedication and RE-dedication to make and keep habits (or break habits as the case may be).
I'll try again with the gratitude thing - though I don't commit to writing them here every day.
Here is what I am grateful for today:
1. The sun is shining, this morning it was snowing and I am not ready for the snow, so the sun is a welcome break in the weather pattern!
2. The gas and water and electric are hooked up to the trailer so the big boys and I are sleeping there even though it is not yet attached to the house. It is awesome!
3. There is a plan in place for CJ to return to school. Who knew I would having this much stress over kids and school?! I LOVED it so I never comprehended that anyone couldn't love it also. Such is not the case for my boy.

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