Monday, September 21, 2015

Gratitude week 14: something I take for granted

I try to practise daily gratitude and think of the things each day I am grateful for. Some days it is more difficult than others, and some days it is easy, but it is never as easy to think about the things I take for granted as when they aren’t working.

This weekend we had problems with the septic tank and our grey water was filling up the basement. The washer wasn’t working well and the dryer wasn’t working at all. I was EXTREMELY aware of the things I take for granted as the basement was filling up with water. Electricity, running water, heat, a septic system that works – all of these things I go through many days without thinking of how convenient they make my life and what a hassle it is to live without them. I am SUPER grateful for modern conveniences. Life without them is difficult – to say the least.

Today I am also extremely grateful for the phone – I made lots of important calls today (including the plumber who went out and fixed my septic mess) and was also able to spend time talking with a friend who lives too far away to visit daily, but who makes my day brighter every time we talk. THANK GOODNESS FOR PHONES!  

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