Saturday, February 28, 2015

I dreamed of Homa

I took a class in university on the psychology of dreams. The teacher was Dr. Atkinson and I loves him and loved the class. Shel hated him and hated the class. One of the assignments in class was to keep dream journals. ( I wish I knew where mine was!- I'd be interested to know what I was dreaming of 29 years ago!) I have very vivid dreams but usually as I am dreaming I am also aware I'm dreaming in spite of the realism. In the past I would not dream of people that I knew. I certainly dreamed of people, just not anyone I recognized from my day to day life. 
Last week I wrote about someone I was grateful for but whom I have lost contact with - her name is Homa. Last night I dreamed of Homa and in my dream we had reconnected and were having a reunion. It was SUCH a great dream. I was so happy and the reunion was so sweet. I wasn't aware I was dreaming (which is unusual) but made the dream seem more realistic. When I woke this morning I was still so happy to have been reunited with her and while the sweetness of the dream has stayed with me today it is now tinged with sadness. - it was only my imagination and I still miss my dear friend. 

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