Saturday, February 28, 2015

52 Weeks of Gratitude: Week 7 : 5 characteristics I am grateful for in my kids

     1.       Determined (and Industrious).

My oldest boy has determination. He wants to do things for himself and he pushes himself until he can achieve what it is he wants. When he could get up on his knees all he wanted to do was crawl. When he could crawl all he wanted to do was run. When he could ride a bike with training wheels all he wanted to do was ride without them. Once he has a goal in mind he will work until he achieves that goal and so far we have not found anything that will distract him from reaching it!

      2.       Generous (and kind).

My second boy is a generous soul. He loves to share what he has – as I discovered again this week when he told me he was out of milk tickets because he shared with all his friends who didn’t have any!  In a project this week at school the kids were partnered with someone from an older grade to learn all about them. Ceejer has won some medals this season participating in various hockey tournaments and found the person he was partnered with had no medals. He came home and asked if he could take one of his medals and share it with his partner who never had any. He comes up with these ideas all by himself.

3.       Patient (and reliable).
My third little man is very patient. He puts up with the kids both older and younger than he is. Of all the kids he is the most patient. His little sisters adore him – and while they also adore the older two he lets them play with him, climb on him, and engage with them in games THEY want to play. He also indulges the older boys when they are looking for a partner in crime. For a guy as young as him this is a real skill!

4.       Independent (and outgoing).
The oldest girl in our brood is insanely independent. I thought we had independent kids before her – I was wrong! She will do EVERYTHING herself. Dress herself,  get into her car seat herself (and out of it!), basically if it can be done, she will do it. If it can’t be done, she will also do it. She is also the most outgoing of all the kids, but her younger sister might give her a run for her money as she gets older.

5.       Cheerful (and curious). 
Our little bean is the most cheerful kid I have ever known. She is also curious- which I used to think was true of every kid, but believe me, we have some that aren’t! She has always been such a happy kid that she is a joy for everyone to be around. I know I look forward to being around her.

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