Wednesday, February 25, 2015

52 weeks of gratitude update

I know this is supposed to be focussing me on gratitude but I  am not liking this this list. While I like the IDEA of gratitude and I try to be a grateful person, I am apparently easily annoyed.
I thought it would be fun to write about things I am grateful for, but I am not grateful for an annoying list. The first week we were supposed to write why we started the challenge. I think it is good to have a preface for why people want to do the challenge but the list is for things we are grateful for so how do I write how I am grateful for “why start this list?”

Then the way the items are categorized puts week two with spouse, week three with family, week four with a family member which makes three consecutive weeks writing about basically the same thing. If you are reading along with me you will know that i mixed it up a bit so that I WASN’T writing about the same topic three weeks in a row.
Here are some of the other things on the list I have a problem with writing what I am grateful for - Week 9 : “How did you do and feel” – and what does that mean exactly? Express gratitude for “how did you do and feel”?  Week 10 – five things you like about you . So that goes – I am grateful for these five things I like about myself? I find that strange. Week 12: Your favorite personality trait. Then I am supposed to write how I am grateful for the things I like about spring, summer and winter. I am grateful for something I look forward to in week 33 and then in week 51 I am grateful for a list of 100 things I am grateful for? 52 things I am grateful for became all of a sudden 151 things I am grateful for?

What I am grateful for is the opportunity to reflect weekly on gratitude. What I am not grateful for is the list I chose to follow – so I am un-choosing it!  I will partially follow this list and I the rest I will fill in myself.  Chances are if you were watching the list and waiting with baited breath for me to write about how I am grateful for how I did and felt – you might want to take a deep breath now – cause I’m not doing it!

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