Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Gratitude week two : my spouse

Week two of gratitude year is "My Spouse".
What can I say other than I am grateful for her!
We have been together now since 1997 - I need my 8 year old to do the math for me. This year it will be EIGHTEEN years that we have been together. How is that possible - we are not old enough for that !

Here is a photo of her in some rockin bell bottoms. That was before we met. I don't think I could have handled her style.  Honestly though - I don't know if we had met at an earlier time that we would have hit it off, we certainly hung with different groups. 

Here she is as a cute little babe in arms. She has the same cheeks as our baby now!

The last photo of this post is a photo of us together from earlier this year. She has aged well don't you think?

I don't think I am making it up when I say we have been through it all. We were college students working more than full time and going to school full time when we met . We have survived stolen vehicles, moving countries, major surgeries, minor surgeries , tattooes , immigration, foster kids coming, going , and staying forever. We have rescued tiny kittens from tree tops in storms, buried more pets than anyone should have to do in a lifetime and sat in hot springs in the middle of winter. We've cried, we've laughed, and united we have read more books than anyone would believe possible. 

She is still the person I think of every day when anything happens that I want to share. In the words of Alanis Morissette  "she's seen all my light and she loves my dark."

Eighteen years ago as we sat on the lawn of the Social Sciences Building of Weber State Unversity where we met, we had a discussion over the things we were looking for in our very new relationship and I made certain she knew I was not looking for any committment. HA! Famous last words.

I am very grateful for her in my life, and I need to share that with her and not just with the internet. 

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Michelle said...

What a lovely post, and what a lovely couple! Congrats on 18 years together! I love the gratitude idea.