Monday, February 23, 2015

52 weeks of gratitude Week 6 : Express gratitude to three people

I took a sociology class in University taught by a woman from Iran by the name of Homa. At the time I was a psychology major, taking an elective class simply to get credits. I added sociology as a major and immersed myself in the sociology program. I loved every single minute of it in a way I had not felt a love and passion for psychology. The impact of that class, and more specifically that professor, changed the trajectory of my college career. She was a fascinating professor and a fascinating person and I grew to love her.  The relationship I had with her is one of those you have in life that is “just for a moment”.  Since she and I both left the University we have lost touch with one another, but the impact she had on me will last for my lifetime and I am grateful for it.  Thank you Homa, for the gift of that class, your friendship, and for the many things which have since come out of those gifts.
Just as an aside  - The meaning of Homa is: Phoenix, A bird from fables (symbolizes good omen), which I find interesting because she gave me a book (she gave me MANY books), but one specifically entitled “The Conference of the Birds” - In the poem, the birds of the world gather to decide who is to be their king, as they have none. The hoopoe, the wisest of them all, suggests that they should find the legendary Simorgh, a mythical Persian bird roughly equivalent to the western phoenix!


I am reaching back to my college days for these names, but these people have impacted me immensely and my gratitude for them knows no bounds! Kathleen was the provost of the university when I was a student. I was involved in Student government and on the budget committee which she was also a part of.  That was how we met. Later , I was a teaching assistant to her in a program for first year college students. I LOVE Kathleen. In my opinion she is the epitome of a perfect university administrator. She absolutely cares for the students and she is diplomatic, extremely intelligent, conscientious, funny, dignified, respectful, committed – I could go on and on listing her amazing characteristics. In short – one day I would like to be all that she is (and im not joking or being facetious). She has retired, but we have kept in touch and I am extremely grateful for the example she is to me and for her friendship. I consider myself lucky to have her as a part of my life.

James M

I am grateful to James M who made it possible for me to attend university by being willing to state that he would support me financially should I ever need it.
In order to go to university in the USa one must have the funds, or access to the fund, to get a student visa. I knew I could support myself though working and applying for grants etc.  But that is not taken into consideration when getting the student visa. James M. Made it possible for me to attend school – and it was a risk for him to sign the papers because I COULD have held him responsible for my tuition  - if I had been shady.  I wasn’t shady. He took the risk. I have an undergraduate degree! Thanks James.

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