Thursday, March 31, 2011

Skype is great and what is in my office. (13 things)

I am loving Skype. Have I mentioned this before?
Today I was able to catch my dad on skype - he is living in South Africa and unfortunately our schedules are so different we haven't managed to catch up with one another before today.
He was also having difficulty with his video camera so he could see me but I could only hear him. I still don't care, because it was still fun to talk to him (for free!)
I was sitting at my desk on my lunch break and chatting with him and telling him how I am feeling sick and discombobulated and how I feel like I am in a giant bubble.
I would ideally like to go home and sleep but I have a boat load of stuff to do at work. I was telling him how much I have to do but how as I look around the office things just seem to be out of place and I can't get settled enough to get to the grind stone.
I started to hold up items on my desk to the camera so he could see what I had on my desk and how strange it all was. Then I asked him if he thought if I listed the items online and asked people to guess what my job was based on the items in my office would anyone be able to guess what I did for a living - and I doubt they would, unless they were in the same (or a related field).
So here is a list of the items in my office that I shared with my dad....
1. Three pens, (one of which is a brand I never use) and a yellow highlighter (I also avoid yellow as a highlighter colour!)
2. A baby bottle.
3.  Two tape dispensers without any tape in them.
4.  A giant bubble blower
He asked me if I had a babies diaper - and I did!
6. Two cameras
7. Two X boxes and a kinect
8. A megaphone
9. shampoo
10. A bag of coin rolls
11. A box of wall mounting tabs
12. A fire extinguisher - empty
13. A small stone statue of smiling buddha

Quite the office accoutrement's if I say so myself - and I have to add that the office has recently been cleared of boxes of t-shirts, pool cues, pool balls and chalk, a broken steam cleaner and a mini fridge.


Janet said...

My cousin loves Skype! I've never used it...I'd rather text LOL!

Forgetfulone said...

Sounds kinda like how I imagine an office at a store like Target or Sports Authority, but I don't even know if you have those where you live. So, what do you do for a living?

JCB said...

Janet - I love to text but for my little guys it is great to have them actually see their cousins or grandparents who are far away.

Forgetfulone - I manage a student residence! I WISH we were close to a Target or Sports Authority, but alas, we are close to neither.