Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Crazy days

Well, It has been crazy days at our house this past week or so.
The boys got sick, then Shel and I got sick, then sicker, then sicker, then.... well, I think you catch my drift.
We had an appointment in Edmonton at the Stollery Children's hospital for Max and we planned to leave on Monday and stay the night in a hotel (a real treat for the boys), then go to the appointment Tuesday and head home.
As every day passed and the time to depart came closer and closer I kept hoping to feel better but felt increasingly worse. At the last moment we decided I would stay home with the little man and Shel would take Max by herself to the appointment. These appointments are so ridiculously difficult to come by it is not even conceivable to cancel or to try and reschedule.
So Shel packed up and took Maximus to Edmonton and I stayed home with little bit. Thank GOODNESS he is a chill kind of a dude, because I could barely even stand up on Monday, let alone play or do anything with him. He basically collected a bunch of cars, and drove them all over the bed (and me) and I put the tv on the retro cartoon channel (Chipmunks are his FAVORITE) and we made it through!
I am still feeling pretty horrendous, but I have to be at work tonight. I am having fever and chills, which to me seems like it should be done by now - I just hope I haven't started the cycle all the way over again.
I honestly cannot remember the last time I was this sick.
Our poor house is in a shambles. It feels like it will take forever to recover from this one.
The sad thing is - I had the weekend and TWO extra days off from work and I didn't do ONE thing - I didn't crack a book, I didn't do any cleaning, any yardwork, ANYTHING. Being sick can really take a bite right out of life to be sure.

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