Tuesday, March 15, 2011

conversation with Max

Our oldest has many allergies. Since birth he has been allergic to wheat, soy, dairy and peanuts.
As he has grown he has come to realize the things that will give him a stomach ache and he is quite good at monitoring for himself what he eats.
Enter croutons. This boy LOVES croutons. They are better than candy - even though they make him sick he has started to sneak them because he loves them so much.
Earlier this week we were in the grocery store together and we had to wait for some items to be prepared for us and so we walked around a little and looked at birthday cards for gramma. There were no good cards so we wandered some more. Max asked if we were still looking for something for gramma and I said we were, to which he replied "Maybe Gramma wants Croutons for her birthday?"
Such a thoughtful kid! He figures if they are like gold to him then everyone in the world must appreciate and love them like he does.
So last night in the middle of the night he arrived on our bed complaining of a stomach ache. Shel wondered if we should bring him into town to the outpatients but I suspected he had been sneaking croutons again so I asked him and indeed he had been.
I explained to him that the stomach pain would pass, we gave him some peptobismol and I reminded him that croutons hurt his belly and he should not sneak them.
To which he replied" Bowing hurts my tummy too."

Well stop the train. WE MUST stop bowing! Shel and I had to laugh at that one. We decreed in our bed in the middle of the night that there would be no more bowing. I think we averted a crisis with that declaration.

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Dancin' Momma said...

Is it the wheat that causes the issue? Are you able to find a bread that he can eat safely? If so, I make all my own croutons and I would be happy to pass on the recipe. My boys are crouton addicts too!