Wednesday, March 16, 2011

12 of 12 - posted on the 16th. ACK!

I know I am SUPER late getting these photos posted. I kept forgetting to download the camera. BAD ME!
This is what our driveway looked like on the morning of the 12th. My boy was SO gracious and posed for me so you could get an idea of the height of the snowbank. It has snowed more since then. This photo was taken sometime in the afternoon - around 3pm

 The boy and I came into the office to get some stuff done and low and behold the blinds were up in my office! This is almost the last thing to be installed (baseboards still coming). I love the design on them and the fact that they do allow light to filter through. I just cannot have the blinds open during the day because the light reflecting off the snow gives me a headache but I hate to sit in the dark. I was disappointed to realize that security let the lady into my office to hang the blinds on the weekend since she had not called ahead and there's a sign on my door - DO NOT ENTER! The least they could have done was called me.

 On the way home we spotted these deer looking for something to eat. Driving this road daily gives me a good idea of where the wildlife is hanging out.

 Another idea of how deep the snow is. I had no idea this tractor was even in the field at first!

Hay bales under snow.

I love these old grain bins and I am sad we no longer have any visible from our house.

Different shot of the same bins

I saw this garlic and cheese bread in the grocery store on sale and it looked delicious. It even looked good coming out of the oven. Alas, it looks better than it tasted.

A happy mom hugging a happy boy. For a few days after mom returned he was quite mad at her for having left and there was not much hugging happening after the initial joy at her arrival. Things are back to normal now.

The garlic and cheese bread was a fail, so back to my fail-safe supper - a salad. I love salad. This photo was taken around 10 pm.

For the life of me I CANNOT get through this dang book.
I want to finish it and it is frustrating me to no end. I finally broke down yesterday and read another book cover to cover just to assuage my guilt at having taken so long to trudge through this one.

I broke down close to midnight and took the dogs out to go to the bathroom. The boys toys are buried in the snowdrifts outside the back door. There are two of these - one is almost completely buried and barely visible on the left side of the photo.

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Teena in Toronto said...

You guys have soooo much snow!

Happy St. Patty's Day!