Wednesday, June 16, 2010

vehicle frustration

What is it with vehicles? I am so frustrated right now with our van. Frustrated enough to never want to buy a Dodge caravan again. (Then again maybe it's just the dealership in town?)

We were pretty desperate for a vehicle when we went in and bought our van. By desperate I mean.... we had NO transportation and two small children and so we got what we could afford.

The process of buying a vehicle frustrates me and I LOATHE going to car dealerships. For anyone out there who needs to get a vehicle - go to your bank FIRST and get financing and THEN go to the dealership. Don't go there and let them play there financing games with you. Maybe I'm the only adult in the free world who doesn't do this already, but we (meaning "I") made the mistake of going to the dealership and not to the bank (because my spouse TOLD me to go to the bank but I didn't listen) to get the vehicle and the financing. ANYWAY. We got a van. To be honest with two small children it is what we need right now as much as I am loathe to admit it.

The van was under warranty when we purchased it. We got it around October and in the very first spring we realized that the air conditioning was not working so we took it in. The air conditioning at that time was "fixed" and it was under warranty and so we went on our merry way.

The NEXT summer rolls around and lo and behold the air conditioning is not working again. Back to the dealership where we purchased the vehicle and it was repaired again, under warranty still. At this time I brought up the fact that this has now happened twice and I wondered if there was something else happening with the a/c but we were told there was nothing wrong and that we should have no problem at all.

That brings us to this summer. We notice immediately as soon as the temperature begins to warm up that the a/c is not in working order for the THIRD time. So back to the dealership we go. This time the vehicle is no longer under warranty. This time in it takes quite a few hours and when all is said and done it costs $170.oo for a "temporary" fix. The A/c works - in the BACK of the van but not in the front. There is some cold air coming through on the passenger side and almost none on the drivers side. After many hours of working on the van the technicians have found a MAJOR problem with the system. The kind of problem that will cost over 3000.oo to fix.

I am so frustrated I don't even have words. How is it possible to take a vehicle in for work on the same problem, to the same dealership and have "nothing" wrong for as long as the vehicle is under warranty and then all of a sudden a massive problem which they had NO idea was indicated in previous visits as soon as we have to pay for it ourselves?

The truth of the matter is this. I don't trust them. I don't believe that they have been remotely honest with us. I believe they are dishonest in their dealing s and that they took advantage of us. I will never purchase another vehicle from them again.... nor will I pay them the 3 grand to fix this problem. I'm rolling down my window this summer - until I can get rid of this vehicle.


Teena in Toronto said...

We bought our car in 2004 ... we visited tons of dealerships. The salesmen were hilarious!

The Bumbles said...

That's total BS. I would fight them on this repair issue. They haven't properly corrected the initial issue and now it conveniently is major status after the warranty. Bring it to another garage and ask them their opinion. If they tell you that the current problem could/should have been diagnosed during the previous repairs, send a letter to Dodge.