Tuesday, June 8, 2010

meme: Day 15

Day 15 — A fanfic

I have absolutely no idea what fanfic is, so what has that left me with for options for blogging about on this day?

I suppose I will blog about my favorite team for the world cup this year...
England. England are one of seven national teams to have won the FIFA World Cup, which they did in 1966 when they hosted the finals.

Now I know that there is little hope for England to make it to the finals, in fact, they may not even make it to the quarter finals, but to me being a fan is supporting your team no matter what. When they "are" finally eliminated then I will have to cheer for another team, but until that point, I will be rooting for England.

David Beckham will not be playing for England due to an injury, but he will be present.

The captain of the team will be Steven Gerrard, who plays for Liverpool in the English Premier League. (YAY LIVERPOOL!)

A record number of Liverpool players have been named in their respective countries’ provisional World Cup squads, these players will all be going to South Africa, here is the full list.

England : Steven Gerrard, Glen Johnson and Jamie Carragher
Argentina : Javier Mascherano and Maxi Rodriguez
Netherlands : Ryan Babel and Dirk Kuyt
Spain : Fernando Torres and Pepe Reina
Greece : Sotiros Kyrgiakos
Denmark : Daniel Agger
Slovakia : Martin Skrtel

Goalkeepers for England will be David James, Robert Green and Joe Hart.
It makes me more than a little nervous that the goalie for England is known as "Calamity James." Goalkeepers are not the strength of the England team this year.

A team I am NOT a fan of is Argentina. The 1978 World Cup was won by Argentina. This year the Argentinian coach is Diego Maradona. In 1986 Diego Maradona was a player on the Argentinian team. Argentina and England played against one another in the quarter finals. Argentina went on to win the game, but Diego scored a controversial goal, in which he jumped for the ball and hit it into the net with his hand. When asked about the goal in the post-match press conference, Maradona responded that the goal was scored “a little with the head of Maradona and a little with the hand of God”.

O.K. - So the incident happened in 1986 - over 20 years ago. I probably should "get over it" and not judge the Argentinian team this year. Nope. I won't. I will admit the team has the potential to go all the way this year and I will watch them and likely enjoy the games, as I enjoy all well played soccer, but will I cheer for them? Not a doubt.

To me, that's what being a fan is all about.

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