Saturday, June 19, 2010

technically a day off

Today it is Saturday and technically it is a day off for me from my projects but I still managed to get some stuff done today. I needed to get to the dump to get rid of some stuff in the truck but before we left Shel and I managed to get the air conditioner into the kitchen window.
We have a small window a/c unit which we have had for MANY years and which came with us from Utah when we moved. As we were putting it into the window Shel reminded me how we had a conversation when we were loading the U-Haul as to whether we needed an air conditioner in Canada! We decided to bring it and we are sure happy that we did!
Max and I went to the dump and then to the library. When we were leaving the library and heading to pick up the mail we noticed that it was the car show in town. We spent an hour checking out some of the cool cars and I took some fun photos which I will upload when I am using a computer I can upload photos from!
When we got home I mowed the lawn while Shel cooked supper (on the BBQ - YAY!) and then we hung out for a bit before putting the boys to bed. They are LOVING the sand and I need to build something around the pile to contain it as the pile comes down. I was feeling pretty warm and asked Shel to check the temperature. It was 30 degrees today, which makes me feel really good because if it had only been 20 degrees I would have been sad to be feeling so warm! LOL
It turns out we put the a/c into the window on the perfect day.
I told the neighbour that I would be over today to get some manure, but it was pretty warm and I was tuckered from mowing. There's still a lot of yard to be done, but a dent was made at least.

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Teena in Toronto said...

Your taking a day off exhausted me :)