Thursday, June 10, 2010

belonging to something I don't believe in

I work.
The place where I work has "changed hands" over the past few years and in the time I have been here I have "worked for" three different employers.
The current leader of the organization has spoken with the staff here on a number of occasions and he has spoken about values. In those speeches the topic of ethics has come up. He has spoken of the belief he has that when you work for someone and when you draw a check from them it then you shouldn't talk badly of them. If you don't like them , leave. Don't stay someplace you hate, take their money, but then talk about them negatively.
I believe this.
Believing this creates some conflict for me - not at work - but in another area of life.
We are foster parents.
I BELIEVE in being a foster parent. I have loved the children that have come into care and have been in our home. Unfortunately, the system is broken. There are HUGE - and I mean HUGE flaws. I don't think these problems are going to be fixed anytime soon. These flaws have affected our lives and the lives of children we have cared for.
I honestly think it is time for us to be done with fostering - but if people like us leave - people like us who love the kids and who provide a great home for the kids (if I say so myself). If we leave then what is left? And if we stay - how can we stay a part of something so broken? How can I stay a part of something I simply don't believe in anymore.


The Bumbles said...

That is a toughie. It is obvious you are good foster parents because you feel guilty for leaving those kids in lessor hands. I don't envy your decision. Why are the institutions intended to do so much good always the ones with the biggest flaws keeping the good from happening as it should?

(P.S. - I DID mention World Cup Soccer in my post's intro! We are actually planning to gather with our neighbors on Saturday to watch the US/London match :0) )

Teena in Toronto said...

That is a toughie indeed. You've got to weigh the helping kids that need it with now liking the system. Which is more important to you?

Retro Girl said...

I would feel as torn as you do, as well. It's a catch-22 it seems. A very big decision, but ultimately your heart will lead you to the right place.