Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When someone comments on your blog...

In 2008 I posted a short blog about synchronized swimming and the olympics. This week someone commented on my post. I will copy here both the blog post and the comment:

Here is my post from 2008:

The 2008 Olympics started today. I love the Olympics. I love to watch a lot of sports, and I particularly enjoy watching the Olympics. Some of the sports I take more pleasure in watching and I honestly don't watch them all. One sport which makes me laugh is synchronized swimming. Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate the athleticism of these ladies (why are they always ladies?)

I once went to deep water aqua size and I had an asthma attack, swallowed water and almost drowned "WITH" a floatation device on trying to kick and lift my shoulders above the water. I know these swimmers are athletes. I laugh though because really - the glitter and noseplugs?

Here is the comment posted this week:

1. noseclips are necessary. how about you go and try to flip upside down in the water, see how fun getting it up your nose is for you. 2) ....? how does glitter make an incredibly difficult sport "funny". is it "funny" to you that these girls work their asses of? is it "funny" that they sacrifice all the normal pleasures of life to train? is it "funny" that, even while performing these incredibly difficult, taxing movements, they have the sheer control and willpower to keep a smile on their face and their eyes open to maintain the entertainment factor of the sport (because nobody wants to see gasping, grimacing swimmers)? i don't think it's funny, and moreover, i think it is highly ignorant and downright disrespectful of you to mock what these girls have given everything for just because their outfits sparkle and they put on a smile for spectators such as yourself. not so funny.

I don't know about you but I thought the reaction was a bit over the top. I certainly believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however I thought my posting was pretty clear that I recognized the athleticism of the swimmers. I didn't think what I said was disrespectful and I stand by it - I remain amused by the whole event. Is being amused disrespectful? Has anyone else ever had a reaction to a post that you thought was "over the top"?

How do you react to them?


Ranavan said...

Julie, this makes me laugh on so many levels!

First off, where in your post did you even mention sparkles...and also these girls CHOSE to work their asses off we didn't demand it as a public and then scoff at them for it...or you in particular.

I would just tell this "synco mom" she needs to calm down...can you imagine what she is like on the soccer field or hockey arena.

Teena in Toronto said...

Someone hadn't taken their meds that day!

Sounds like a nut to me.

Curly Mama said...

I generally ignore them..

JCB said...

I thought it was interesting partly because I was pretty clear that I did NOT have the skills required to even keep myself afloat in the deep water! I acknowledged that they were "athletes" but said I still found it amusing. Oh well! To each their own.

Ranavan said...

I find sumo wrestling I think they aren't athletes..nope...amusing nonetheless ;)