Friday, June 3, 2011

Blood - (NOT FUNNY!) and my dentist visit

One of my favorite youtube videos of all time is this one:

Unfortunately I can't embed it and so you will have to check out the link to see what I am talking about.
I have to agree with this boy. Blood is NOT FUNNY!

Yesterday I went to the dentist.

I have horrendous teeth which I inherited from my fathers side of the family.
I have always had bad teeth and I have never had a positive experience with a dentist. I am extremely reluctant to visit a dentist which I understand makes it worse when I do finally go because I don't go until I am in pain and hence all interactions are painful.
I think they would be anyway - but that is my bias.
I also get tired of telling dentists why I have no enamel on my teeth - the result of illness when I was young - but I feel like all I ever do is tell the story and it is tiresome to me.


I broke a tooth. Maybe I broke it about a month ago or more, I can't honestly remember. It was a molar and I broke it in half vertically, with the exterior of the tooth falling right off, leaving half a tooth in my mouth.
I thought it was a tooth I had previously had a root canal on, because I thought that ALL my molars have had root canals, and so I did nothing. I just figured, whatever. It's a dead tooth and I will have to pay for a new crown and I couldn't honestly be bothered making a dentist appointment for that right now.

Well I was mistaken. Although I never actually had pain IN the broken tooth, my whole face started to hurt. I thought I had bone cancer or something, Not ONLY because I am a partial hypochondriac, but because there was serious bone pain in my face.

Finally on Wednesday I was ready to pull a "castaway" and cut things out of my head with a skate blade if I couldn't have someone do something about the pain in my face. I started to take advil sometime last week for the pain. I estimate I have been taking pain killers for about 10 days. I think what actually clued me into how serious the pain in my face was, is the fact my gut hurt so bad from all the painkillers - which weren't working.

I was in a meeting at work on Wednesday morning. I could barely pay attention to the meeting I was in so much pain and I was sending Shel text messages asking her to please get me in to see a dentist. She was calling all over and having no luck at all. I was starting to feel like I was going to go insane from the pain.
She FINALLY was able to get me in to see a dentist in the next town first thing Friday morning.
I have been to see this dentist before and he is a decent dentist. I stopped going to him because he is VERY RELIGIOUS, and he acts in all these plays - always in the role of Jesus or Moses - and I was tired of being stuck in the chair listening to him rehearse his lines. I fondly refer to him as "Dr. Jesus". I didn't even care one iota that he was the only one available, I was in that much pain.

Thursday morning I drove to the dentist. I will spare you the gag-o-rific intimate details of the experience but I will say this. I was wrong. The tooth I broke had a root and I needed to choose between a root canal and an extraction. Let's see here.
Root canal.... $2500 bucks, three more dentist visits, and lets not forget - THE ROOT CANAL.
Extraction.... $200 bucks, no more visits to the dentist for this tooth in my life EVER.

Guess which one I chose?

The broken tooth has been removed.

There was excess bleeding. There was some puking of blood. There is some pain.

And so, If you have one more minute, please visit my favorite video of all time on youtube.


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Teena in Toronto said...

Blood! It's not funny!

Poor you! I hate the dentist! I go with my ipod and crank it really really really loud to distract me from what I'm doing.