Monday, June 13, 2011

Television: MasterChef

One of the summer season shows that started last week was MasterChef.  Shel and I were watching episode one and we laughed and laughed at the comments made by one contestant  - truck driver "Albert" . He served the three chefs a sausage and alligator jambalaya, with a fried alligator medallion on the side.

He showed the judges a tattoo on his butt (then washed his hands before serving his alligator!) and he recieved an apron  - meaning he can participate in the next round of cook - offs.
When asked what alligator tastes like Albert responded "toad!". Then when he was asked if there was anything he drew the line at eating he said that he would never eat possum.
I wonder why?
What has a possum ever done to Albert?
Why toad and not possum?
I hope to see more of him, he was entertaining.


Dan Schwent said...

I love Master Chef! It's one of my favorites, along with I Didn't Know I was Pregnant and My Strange Addiction.

Teena in Toronto said...

I love that show!