Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just another way in which the computer illustrates it is smarter than I am ...

I have a new phone. I had a blackberry and from the day it arrived I had problems with it. The problems got greater and greater until the phone was virtually useless and so I got another.
I now have am HTC  "Desire" - which I think is a strange name for a phone - but anyway.
I needed to link my phone to my work email so that I am in contact with work at all times and in all places and so I had to enter some information into the phone for this process to happen.
Then I needed to enter a gmail account so that I could link to something else I apparently needed but I don't have a gmail account, I only have a hotmail account. I signed up for a gmail account.
I have a bad habit of tending to ignore details when I am not interested in them and so I am fairly certain (but not 100 percent), that in NO way at ANY time in the process did I link my hotmail account information to my new gmail account information.
So riddle me this.
This blog is set up through my hotmail account. It is my hotmail account that is my login. When I sign into blogger I enter my hotmail account BUT ALL OF A SUDDEN, since getting my new phone and entering the new information, once I am logged in AND when I go to other blogs to comment, the email that shows up is my GMAIL email address.
It freaks me out a little.
What the hellfire?

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