Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I say it EVERY time

The nice thing about being married (o.k. there are many nice things, but this is one of them) is that you can blame your spouse for things you do not want to take responsibility for yourself!
I like to blame my spouse when I don't want to go anywhere.
It's not like we get a LOT of invitations to go places, but we do get some and most times I say no and blame my spouse. I don't VERBALLY say it is her fault, but I allow people to THINK it is because she is a "home body" and I don't do anything to dispell the notion.
The thing is, I am somewhat (translation: totally) reclusive. I go to work, that's true, but once I am done with work I am happy, happy, happy, to go home and STAY home and never leave home again.
This puts a damper on our social life, but I don't particularly care, because I am happy at home.
My spouse thinks our kids live a sheltered life, and my two year old says "town" from the minute he wakes up in the morning until he goes to bed at night, and when we LEAVE town he cries "no, no no!" all the way home. (well, MOST of the way home). He is a lot more social than I am.

Here is how Easter unfolded for us. I have a "flat" version of my friend's son for a school project. We need to take him around and get photos of where we are and write a letter and send his flat version back to him with a story of his travels.  I don't think there is a HUGE amount of anything interesting to take pictures of around here but I knew some friends of ours were lambing so I thought it would be cute to get a picture of the flat kid with the lambs. I asked if we could swing by and take some pictures. They said sure, why don't you come for Easter meal. I said Hey, that sounds great (not) let me talk to my spouse and I'll get back to you.
I was postponing the time to return the call. I'm not a TOTAL flake, I would have eventually called, I was just procrastinating a bit.
On Saturday we ran into S. at the grocery store and she said OH! Are you coming over for dinner tomorrow. I said OH! Yeah let me talk to Shel.

On Sunday they called and said HEY! We are waiting for you!

Well. I still needed pictures of the flat kid, and I had to work in a few hours - so I knew I Was not committing to endlss hours away from home, so we went over.

The kids had a BLAST. We loved the company and the meal and the walk around after the meal.

 The lambs were adorable. I saw some literally within seconds of being born (I apparently was looking the wrong way as they came out) and dang do those babies ever stand up fast! Who knew!?

In the middle of all the fun my alarm went off reminding me I needed to go to work (which I actually DID need to do, it was not an excuse.)
We dragged the boys kicking and screaming from their fun and I hustled them home and hurried in to work.
They had a great day. We enjoyed fantastic company and I said to Shel, "We should really do that more often!"
I always say that when we leave someones place. I just wish Shel weren't such a homebody.

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Teena in Toronto said...

I find that I get in moods ... I want to be out and about all the time ... then I hate to leave home at other times.