Thursday, January 27, 2011

making a mess while cleaning up

It always makes such a mess to get things cleaned and organized. The offices here are still undergoing a transformation and although there has been a LOT of traffic here - people who usually never have reason to stop by but have been calling in at the office lately - nothing has been said or stopped! The lady for blinds will be in tomorrow, the guy for windows was supposed to be here Tuesday, called yesterday, but knowing him from working with him in the past he will likely be here MAYBE in February?
I am waiting on a quote from the flooring people which may take forever as they are not the speediest, but I am anticipating a whole new look by the end of February. HOPE HOPE HOPE HOPE!
In the meantime, here is some of the process for your viewing pleasure....

 A portion of the nasty carpet in my office.

 Trim colour
Paint - waiting for action!

  Paint on the walls
 Mess on the floor
Prep room - and the second room scheduled for work...

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Teena in Toronto said...

I betcha it will amazing when it's done!