Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Letter to Max

Dear Max,

Well I sure fell down on the job of writing to you each month didn't I big boy. I am sorry. I will get back to it this year I PROMISE.
Well. You are amazing - but did we think any less? You are talking and talking and talking - in fact once you wake up you never stop talking, but I am so thrilled about it given the rocky start we had. Your imagination is growing in leaps and bounds and you have been playing elevator with the broken bed from ( from the bed you outgrew - AGAIN) Will you ever stop growing? You are so tall and so handsome and you are the most helpful kid I know. In fact you are not ever as happy as when you can be helping me or mommy. If we could only find enough things for you to fix in a day as you desire to fix in a day you would be in heaven.
You love to cook, you love to clean, you rarely stop moving and you most especially love the pets and being outside.
I am loving watching your relationship with Zuva grow. She is not a fan of small kids - you know small kids can do pretty random things to dogs and Zuv doesn't quite trust them - but she wags her tail when you come into a room and you are gentle with her and get down and greet her when you walk into the room and she loves it. Of course Hugo is YOUR dog and you make sure we all know it!
You have been helping me shovel the snow off the roof, and as much as you like to help you don't let an opportunity pass that you tell us you can't wait for spring. We can't either!
Your hair is really starting to get long and usually by now we have cut it short - but I am loving your touque head too much!
I love you my boy. Rest your head close to my heart, never to part, baby of mine.

Love mama.