Wednesday, January 12, 2011

99 things to do

1. Sort through the box in my bedroom closet that I have moved to two different households without sorting through. (COMPLETE January 2011)

2. Write monthly letters to my sons.
3. Start my thesis.
4. Finish my thesis.
5. Graduate with my masters degree. Hopefully people will start calling me "master" - especially my sons...
6. Do at least ONE cross stitch project.
7. Renew my first aid.
8. Lay new carpet on the staircase.
9. Fix the squeaky stairs.
10.Make myself a bookmark.
11. Work on the boy's baby books.
12. Take all the furniture from the old guest house to the dump.
13. Get family portraits done.
14. Get the boys passports.
15. Take a trip to see family in the U.S.A.
16 . Take a family picture at Lake Louise.
17. Get a Christmas gift to my parents.
18. Finish at least ONE of my cross stitch nativity people for my mom's cross stitch nativity and send it to her.
19. Send out a family letter
20. Stain the deck.
21. Paint the barn
22. Fix the barn windows
23. Fix the lamp from Homa. COMPLETE JANUARY 2011!
24. Install new screens in windows.
25. Install new screen doors - front and back.
26.. Install new doors. Front and back.
27. Plant a garden.
28. Get a tattoo.
29. Get Hugo Fixed.(COMPLETE JANUARY 2011!)
30. Make curtains for the bathroom.
31. Make curtains for the back porch.
32. Make curtains for the upstairs hallway.
33. Get the sewing machine down and mend some clothing.
34. Buy a new fridge.
35. Build a pantry in the kitchen.
36. Pay my taxes EARLY!
37. Get a lampshade for the lamp from Homa.


Anonymous said...

I love that you've stashed "Get a tattoo" in there amid all the homemaking projects... As it should be!

Teena in Toronto said...

Wow! That's quite a list!