Thursday, January 20, 2011

getting a library card

We have a small library in our community but it is a lifesaver for me. If they don't have a book they will order it in. We have been members of the library for the eight years that we have lived here (this is the beginning of the 8th year) and the staff there know us well enough that they don't even ask us for a library card when we come in to pick up books, they just type our name into the computer.
I went in today to pick up a book that had arrived for me. When they entered my name it said that my membership needed a renewal. It costs $20.00 to renew my library membership for one year which I think is VERY inexpensive.

I asked if I could renew as a family membership this year instead of two adults - mine and Shelly's. They looked in the computer and had no record of Shelly and the librarian asked me who she was.
I almost laughed. Who she was? Then she said to me - well how old is Shelly? Is she related to you?

I think the librarian must be on crack. I guess she has no idea who Shelly is, but how could she? I keep her under lock and key at home. I never let her out of the house unchaperoned. I didn't think Shel wanted me blurting out how old she was, so I just said - let's leave our memberships as they are. The extra ten dollars I would save by switching Shel's adult membership to a family one was not worth saving if I had to reveal her age to a complete stranger. I know she will appreciate the lengths I go to preserve her dignity while I have her locked away.


The Bumbles said...

That made me laugh! I was surprised that a library card costs money though. They are all free here.

Teena in Toronto said...


I'm a huge fan of our library system!