Friday, July 16, 2010

Where I think I just turned into an "old" person

UR magazine came to the office today for someone who no longer lives here - maybe even someone who never lived here.
I browsed through it and found a list of '15 tracks you need now". I decided to play them on youtube so I had at least heard them.
To know something is not to like it, which got me thinking - when did I get "old"?
I LOVE music, but some of these tracks which according to YR magazine I need "NOW" sound horrendous to me.
Track 1. Janelle Monae "Cold War" According to the magazine it is a tub thumping, dance beat with lush, soaring vocals. It sounds to me like a war. A Cold One. I didn't even listen to the whole thing. I will admit that I listened to "Call the Law" by Outkast ft. Janelle Monae and enjoyed it a LOT more. "Many Moons" is a great video and song - so I am glad I went a little deeper than just "Cold War" before I wrote off Janelle.
Track 2. Eminem "Not Afraid". Well done Marshall! I liked this one a lot.
Track 3. Broken Social Scene "Art House Director". Hmn.. The jury is out on Broken Social Scene. They remind me of someone but I haven't put my finger on it quite yet.
Track 4. Drake featuring Kings of Lean "Fireworks". I didn't like this version. I don't know if I like Drake yet or not, so I am listening to more.
Track 5. Nas & Damian Marley ft. lil Wayne "My Generation" I didn't like the beginning, but the song grew on me and I'll be honest, I didn't think lil Wayne had it in him. I suppose it bothered me that he was rapping about his generation making a change when he is in prison on gun possession charges. Uh, what change would that be? (And this is the point when I thought - I must be getting old!)
Track 6. Hole. "Pacific Coast Highway". I have never been a fan of Courtney Love. Surprisingly I liked this song!
Track 7. Band Of Horses "Laredo". This band has been together since 2004. Where have I been? I really liked this song. Good thing I read URMagazine I suppose! This band will be much more recognizable now that they are featured on the Eclipse soundtrack.
Track 8. MGMT "Don for Dan Treacy". Not a fan of this one.
Track 9. Rhianna "Te Amo". i like Rhianna but this is not the "one" track of hers that is the best in my humble musical opinion (and apparently "Old" opinion) - which obviously differs greatly from UR magazines! LOL
Track 10. Gorillaz "Rhinestone Eyes". Liked this one!
Track 11. B.o.B. "Airplanes, Part II" Had some difficulty finding this one....Still working on it.
Track 12 Ozzy Osborne "Soul Sucker". O.k. I watched the Osbornes on TV in 2002. I have a bobble head doll of Ozzy. I heard ozzy talking WAY back then and he was virtually indecipherable. I simply do not believe that this "new" Ozzy - where every word is distinguishable - is really him. Sorry. I don't believe it.
Track 13 Keane featuring K'naan " Looking Back". This song was ok but to me it was no great shakes. I don't know why it would be on a list of "must haves" - then again, I don't know that any of these songs would be really - for me anyway.
Track 14 The New Pornographers "Moves". Who names themselves the New Pornographers?
Track 15 N.E.R.D. featuring Nelly Furtado "Hot N Fun" Another O.K. song! Nothing I would write home about.

I think I will come up with 15 tracks I think you need NOW......

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