Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Birthday Boy

Today is my babies birthday. He is two.

There's something about having children that reveals a lot about yourself as a parent.
I love my kids more than my luggage (you won't understand that unless you saw Steel Magnolias!)

This morning Max and I made a birthday cake for C-note. Max calls birthday cakes "happy Cakes" which makes me laugh, so I guess they really ARE "happy cakes".

I just spoke to Shel and tonight we will stop and pick up a bucket of chicken for supper on the way home. Shel's leg is still in a cast and she really cant do any cooking so I make supper when I get home which is proving to be a little too late for small hungry children. Stopping for chicken means we can eat right away.

I would do absolutely ANYTHING for my children. Shel mentioned calling some neighbours and having some kids come over on Saturday to play for a while and have cake and ice-cream. I balked.

HUH? People? At my house?

Did I just say I would do anything for my boys? I would, but I almost drew the line at having people over at the house.

I guess I am more reclusive than I thought originally. Does that make me a terrible parent? I know that on birthday's people go to great lengths to plan extravagant parties for their children. I think birthday's are awesome. In my family birthday's are a big deal and I would like my kids to feel the same way about their birthdays. I just don't want to have a big get together. I suppose I need to get over it for the sake of my kids. I want them to have wonderful, social lives (if that's what they want - and C-note "IS" social....)

I guess I should be happy he is only two and not asking for sleepovers with friends quite yet. I have a few years to gear up for that much action in the house! (which is weird because over Christmas my brother and his wife and their 3 kids and 2 former foster kids and our kids were ALL in the house and it was no big deal to me... something different about family though.)

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Teena in Toronto said...

Happy birthday to the wee one!

I hate having people in my place invading my space so never ever invite anyone over.