Monday, July 12, 2010

12 of 12: July

I only remembered it was 12 of 12 halfway through my workday - so here are some photos from the last half of my day!

Much thanks to Chad Darnell who hosts this every month. Link to Chad's blog and other participants HERE.

1. 1pm
I have a spider plant in my office that needs some help to grow up straight. I decided today to use the handle thing from the blinds....

2. 3pm
Working on my yearly calendar... I know I am forgetting something.

3. 5pm
On the way home. The people who we purchased the house from tried to sell it themselves before they used a realtor. The arrow is from the sign they had up on the pole. (We didn't know it was for sale until it was listed with the real estate agent.) The arrow on the pole reminds me I am close to home!

4. 5:30pm
It is a windy and overcast afternoon. Looks like it might rain.

5. 6pm
The little stinker ends up in the pool every time he comes outside. This is not a problem normally - just right now he is wearing pants and shoes!

6. 6:15pm
"Push me up high mom"
I have heard this phrase enough over the past few days that I am even dreaming it now!

7. 6:15 pm
I am wearing out a spot in the grass from so much pushing up high!

8. 6:20 pm
I took a walk to the dugout to see what was on it. It was a beautiful surprise when I got there and saw the pretty flowers.

9. 6:20pm
There are some beautiful surprises in the yard.

10. 7:53 pm
The boys are fed and in bed. Time for me to hit the hay! Gone are the days of staying up all hours of the night, when they sleep - I sleep!

11. 8:00pm
Some of the books waiting for me next to my bed.....

12. 8:45 pm
My quilt and the book I am currently reading. Snuggle and read - a perfect end to the day.


Joni said...

Love the photo in the pool. :-)

Dogeared said...

Hee, I can understand the desire for sleep...

I recognise a few books on your pile, though with the different US covers - hope you enjoy them!

Lucrecia Bloggia said...

I LOve the picture of the dugout! Very nice. Nature always has something to surprise us.

The picture in the pool made me laugh! Too funny!

Thanks for sharing!

TJ said...

Thanks for sharing your day through your photos. The one of your son in the pool with the barn is good. I also had to laugh, there was something about push me higher mom and then the next picture he was gone and it was like you pushed just a little hard. I also love to read. I have so many books to read. It's not safe for me to walk into a book store. I always come out with at least one new book to add to all of the others I have not yet read. The better half says I can't go to the book store anymore until read at least one shelf of books of which I have three to go. Oh well... Anyway, sorry about the rambling, again thanks for sharing and I look forward to next months 12 of 12. See you then...

seifenmacherin said...

Thanks for your nice comment.
I like your pics. See you next month.

Dan said...

I dug The Magicians immensely.