Monday, January 11, 2010

the panic train left the station

Panic time over. I found a hard copy of my thesis proposal with all the comments from my advisor for revision. I can now start working on the proposal revision. YAY!
I am HUGELY relieved as I was NOT enthusiastic at all about having to start from scratch and I couldn't for the life of me find the copies I made and stored in three places as I was advised to do. I know for darn sure that when I type it out again there will be MANY copies stored in MANY places and I will keep a list of where they all are.

We spent the majority of the weekend reading and then Sunday we did a bang up job of cleaning the house and rearranging bedrooms etc. Max and I worked on putting his bed together. I left the step that was listed as #1 to the end because I thought I could work more easily in a small space by moving that step to the end. As it turns out I can't skip that step and the toddler bed is now sitting "half" constructed as I have to strip everything back to step one and start over.

We picked the boys up from the babysitter Sunday night and Max has a shiner. Apparently he was running a little too fast and skidded into something head first. He is so cute! When I picked him up from school today his teacher said she cannot believe how much he grew over Christmas. He really did. With his cousin int he house he started talking like mad and he is saying all kinds of new words. We couldn't find his mitts today and asked him where they were. He said "up high". They were on the top shelf of the boot rack in the change room - up high!

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