Saturday, January 2, 2010

I don't care what you say, orange is NOT a Christmas color!

When we moved from the states over six years ago we brought with us some Christmas lights which we got on an after Christmas sale at a GREAT price. They have lasted us a number of years now and I am certain they would have lasted longer except for the fact that my son is ADDICTED to lights and anything electric. Last year he was so obsessed with the lights on the tree that we took the tree down early just because we could not keep him away and it was no longer fun for either him OR us.
As a result of his "light obsession" he somehow found the lights where they were stored on the Quonset over the summer, and destroyed them dragging them around the yard. At the time I figured it was no big deal. The string cost us all of a few dollars and we had many good years of use out of them. Christmas lights seem to be a dime a dozen and I have always seen them on sale virtually EVERYWHERE when the Christmas stuff comes out in the stores. I just figured we would get a new string when it was closer to decorate the tree this year.
Well....unfortunately I have run in to somewhat of a dilemma. Somehow the colors that are "fashionable" for Christmas trees have changed in the last six years. I LOVED the multi colored strings of lights we had for our tree and I searched EVERYWHERE and could not find anything remotely similar. I could get strings of individual colors - but I don't like those for our tree. We like multi colored lights for our tree and that is what I searched for. I have now even searched through every after Christmas sale I can find and I CANNOT for the life of me find what it is that I am looking for. EVERY string of lights is this horrible, fluorescent, orange tinged, nasty, atrocity. ORANGE IS NOT A CHRISTMAS COLOR! When did it come into style? What happened to good old fashioned white, yellow, red, green , blue, I don't even mind pink or purple in the mix. I just want to know who it is that decides when something is no longer in style and when everything has to be changed. What if I still had my old string of lights and just needed to change a bulb? It would have been impossible this year to find something compatible with what I already had. As I packed away the Christmas tree tonight I pondered even keeping the lights because I loathed them so much. But who knows what my options will be next year?

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Teena in Toronto said...

Orange? No way!

I like the multicoloured strings of lights better.