Wednesday, January 13, 2010

fighting flu and giving up....

Shel and I have both been fighting the flu for about a week now. The boys have both had a cough and runny noses. The adults in the family, for once, were doing pretty well at keeping the illness at bay. Then we had a meeting with fostercare and adoption workers. Our house was descended upon by three workers, 45 minutes late (I don't think they have ever been on time).
We went through concurrent plans, rates assessments, signed papers of all kinds and then they dropped the BOMB.
The adoptions have been put on hold AGAIN. We have a new worker AGAIN. And best of all - they will not guarantee that we will be able to adopt the boys we have had in our homes since their births.
Needless to say. We are devastated and my body just decided to give up the fight against the flu. I am now sick as a dog. I have literally no voice - which reflects well how I feel in real life. I need to gather my thoughts, get healthy, and start fighting for my family.

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Teena in Toronto said...

I hope you guys get well soon!