Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Have you ever overheard someone talking and they were talking about you?

Before Christmas I was having a conversation with friends about what paranormal skills we would like to have. R said she would like to know what other people were thinking. I have to be honest and say this is NOT a skill I would like to have. Sure, I care (sometimes) about what others think of me. Sometimes I care too much. Sometimes I care too little. Generally I care too much about what people who mean little in my life think, and care too little what the important people in my life think. It's something I have to find balance in.

I think if I had any ability it would be to travel through time and space. There are innumerable times and places I would visit again if I had the chance.

What would you want?

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Anonymous said...

i hate overhearing what people think! If they are talking about me to someone else, then they probably aren't saying anything constructive. And if they are a good friend, they would probably be talking to me -- constructive or otherwise.

I'd love to have the ability to travel through time and space!!