Monday, July 6, 2015

Wellness program - gratitude

I'm one week into a month long wellness program through my cousins online program. The program has multiple components after you choose which program you are doing ( good, better, or best). I've chosen "better" and some of the things I'm working on for the month include: not weighing myself, drinking more water, reducing the amount of light I expose myself to before bed, performing an act of service weekly, having a regular sleep schedule, and keeping a gratitude journal. In the gratitude journal I'm supposed to write down three things daily that I am grateful for. I actually have a specific journal for this purpose but I can't find it. I have been very conscious that I find three things each day to be grateful for but I need to write them down and be a little more responsible in terms of concretely meeting my goals. Lucky for me I have a blog! Here are the three things I am grateful for today: 
1) I stopped at Dairy Queen today to get an ice cream cake for my son who will be seven tomorrow. I am grateful that I found an orange one AND I am grateful I could just "stop in and grab a cake" - I know my parents didn't have the financial ability to do that when I was seven. 
2) I got a text AND a phone call today from someone I wasn't expecting to hear from. It was awesome. 
3) My four year old whispered in my ear today "Mom, I love you. When can you buy me a unicorn?" I felt loved.  

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